On Creative Outlets

During last Sunday’s Olive Tree Writing Club session, I felt compelled to write my piece on loving someone that doesn’t love you back. This idea was top of mind as I was in the midst of processing my emotions. I shared my draft during small group discussion and my friend Matt asked me how I felt after writing that piece. I said it was therapy. I felt like there was something I was trying to say and now I finally let it out. 

Growing up, I remember my first heartbreak and how I poured myself into breakdancing. As artists, we take pain and turn it into beauty. While I don’t breakdance anymore, writing has become my main creative outlet. If I didn’t have breakdancing or writing, maybe I would ve turned to less productive forms of coping. 

Expression is the opposite of depression after all. Art then becomes a powerful anti-depressant. Whether it be a performing, literary, or visual art, express yourself.

May 23, 2024

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