On Daily Blogs and Newsletters

There are two daily newsletters I subscribe to: Seth Godin’s Blog and Rohan Rajiv’s A Learning a Day. Both have been writing far longer than I have. Both are role models for me.

I’m joined on my daily writing journey by several friends, some of whom have moved on and others more recently involved. Two friends’ daily blogs I check often are Benedict Neo’s and my roommate Rishi’s blog.

At a party, I met a reader who said he’s been reading my blog for years. I joked that he might know me better than some of my closest friends who don’t read my work. Writing regularly requires you to open up and be vulnerable. Every post is a genuine reflection of my ideas and values. Writing daily is not about gaining readers or social recognition - it’s about expression, curiosity, and authenticity. This is why I love reading other daily writers.

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May 24, 2023

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