On Family Vacations

It’s 10:21pm, I’m an hour into my flight from Toronto to Frankfurt. My flight the evening before from New York to Toronto had twice the amount of leg room that I have right now, but I’ll make it work. I whip out my portable keyboard and IPad to write today’s blog post. Partly, to kill the time until they serve us dinner.

I’ve been on plenty of flights in the past year, mainly work trips. In the past year, I’ve been to Denver, Arizona, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and most recently Austin. But this is my first time since my South America solo travel trip that I’m on an International flight outside of North America.

Two years ago, I was travelling solo to South America, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Today, I’m travelling with family and close friends that I might as well be family. My solo trip was about cultural immersion, getting out of my comfort zone, and being spontaneous. This trip is about spending time with the people that matter and create memories that we talk about for years.

May 24, 2024

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