On Fashion and Materialism

The unique, but inconvenient part about fashion is that it’s a consumer hobby meaning that if you want to participate, it’ll cost money. The further I dive into the fashion rabbit hole, the more gaps I see in my own wardrobe, and the more gaps I see in my own wardrobe, the more clothes I want to buy.

The question started to emerge: Can you be fashionable without being materialistic?

Fashion can be quite practical. Having a wardrobe that you’re comfortable in and proud of is empowering and gives you confidence.

Fashion is also a form of art. Through clothing, you can tell a story about yourself without saying a word.

But it becomes materialistic when you begin to associate your own self-worth with your wardrobe.

It becomes materialistic when shopping becomes excessive and an addiction to purchase more items.

Fashion becomes superficial when you begin to judge people based on how they dress.

October 4, 2023

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