Fatigue Pants

Trying on fatigue pants at Chickee’s VintageTrying on fatigue pants at Chickee’s Vintage

I visited Chickee’s Vintage, a small boutique in my neighborhood specializing in vintage luxury items. While chatting with the sales associate, I asked about her favorite piece. She mentioned she loved fatigue pants and directed me to a few pairs in my size.

I’ve heard of fatigue pants before but never paid much attention to them. She finds fatigue pants to be an underrated item - comfortable like sweatpants but versatile enough to pair with a t-shirt, jumper, or overshirt.

Patch pockets are a distinct feature of fatigue pantsPatch pockets are a distinct feature of fatigue pants

Fatigue pants were first worn by the US military for non-combat activities. They were designed to be comfortable and durable for soldiers in the field, featuring an olive green color, a baggy fit, a high-waist, and a distinctive patch pocket on the side for extra storage. Originally practical for the military, they have now become a fashionable choice for casual wear.

I’ve worn my new pair multiple times since purchasing them last week. They are now my favorite lounge attire, providing both comfort and a polished look suitable for quick errands outdoors.

April 3, 2024

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