On Interior Design

At the start of this week, I moved from my Airbnb to my new apartment in Brooklyn. During university, I’ve mostly lived in furnished apartments. This is my first time living in a unfurnished place and the first time I have full creative control over the interior design of my apartment.

I’ve always joked around with my friends that a tell tale sign of getting old is an interest in furniture. Well, I guess jokes on me now, because I’m hooked.

One of my core values is authentic expression and I see furnishing my apartment as a blank canvas. I love the exploration, experimentation, and manifestation of seeing my apartment slowly furnished.

And since I spend most of my time at home either working, socializing, or resting, why not design a space that is functional, inspiring, and beautiful?

As I’m learning the fundamentals of a new craft, I’m beginning to see things I didn’t notice before. Now, I’ll notice the color palette of a room and its affect on my mood. I’ll notice the form and arrangement of the various elements. I’ll observe how all these elements work together and affect the behavior of those within the space.

August 5, 2022

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