On Oversized Clothing

Walk around any trendy neighborhood like SoHo or Williamsburg and one thing you’ll notice is lots of people wearing baggy, oversized clothing. It’s probably the hottest trend in fashion right now. Perhaps fueled by the popularity of streetwear, baggy clothing was in style in the 90s and has made its way back to the mainstream.

I love the look of oversized clothing. I have many friends that rock the look well. I have a few oversized pieces myself. As for my personal style, however, I prefer slim fit silhouettes: straight cut jeans, slim t-shirts, and fitted tops. It just looks better for my body type.

Trends come and go. In high school, skinny jeans were all the rage. Now, it’s wide leg and flared jeans. In a few years, it’ll likely be something else. Personally, I prefer the anti-trend” of slow fashion: buying high-quality, classic, and versatile pieces while owning less. While I still enjoy experimenting with trends occasionally, I don’t think you need to look trendy to look stylish.

November 3, 2023

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