On Weekend Trips

Verci Catskills Retreat 2024Verci Catskills Retreat 2024

Adult friendships are hard. People are busy now. Your friends aren’t within walking distance anymore like they were in college. You don’t have the flexibility of taking a few weeks to travel once the school semester is finished. You don’t have the trauma bonding of pulling off an all-nighter to complete an assignment or study for an exam. But weekend trips are a secret weapon in the adult friendship arsenal.

One study said that it takes around 50h to go from acquaintance to casual friend, 90h to go from casual friend to simple” friend, and 200h before you consider someone a close friend. Perhaps what makes weekend trips magical is you fast-track those hours and advance to the next stage of friendship in one weekend. I’ve never taken a weekend trip where that wasn’t the case.

This is a reminder to take more weekend trips with friends and family in 2024.

March 5, 2024

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