One Piece 1000 Logs

I first watched One Piece in my final year of elementary school, more than ten years ago, watching all 500 episodes in three months. For me, One Piece is more than just a show, it taught me the value of friendship, never giving up on your dreams, and believing in yourself.

I never imagined over a decade later, I’d still be keeping up with it. I’d joyously watch the newest episode of One Piece every Saturday at 10pm. This past week, One Piece aired its 1000th episode. It brought tears to my eye watching the very first One Piece opening, one that I watched for the first time ten years ago, remastered and reanimated. It’s been quite the journey keeping up with the Strawhat’s adventures for as long as I have, but I’m just thankful that I can watch one of the greatest stories ever told!

November 22, 2021

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