Onward Ticket

Even though I’m on vacation I can’t help but admire interesting products when I see them. One of my favourites is Onward Ticket.

As a backpacker, I’ve only bought one-way tickets, sometimes a day before my actual flight. This allows for flexibility and spontaneity. Maybe I’ll meet a friend and I want to travel with them, or maybe there’s this new destination that another backpacker recommended and I just have to go there. However, when travelling across country borders, often customs will ask for a return flight and they won’t let you pass without one.

Onward ticket solves this problem by booking a fake return flight for 14USD. The flight is even verifiable through the airlines website.

This is a problem that I didn’t even know there was a solution to. It sounds kinda ridiculous, yet, today was the third time I had this service recommended to me. This is an example of a finding a niche (in this case vagabonders, digital nomads, and backpackers) and solving a painpoint they have.

May 3, 2022 · South America 2022

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