Pablo Escobar’s Tragedy

Spoiler alert

For context, Pablo Escobar is the leader of the Medellin Cartel making him one of the richest and most infamous people on the planet. In this scene, he’s on the run. His empire and himself in rapid decline. The Colombian and US government searching for him. Desperate, he hides out in his estranged fathers farm whom he hasn’t talked to in years.

Pablo had a massive ego and he hated losing. He was surrounded by yes men that kissed his ass. So it was a harrowing contrast to see the great Pablo Escobar, beard grown out, most wanted man in the world, helping his father around the farm.

It’s obvious that there was tension between Pablo and his father. Despite not seeing each other for years, there was little conversation between the two. His dad didn’t acknowledge him much and you could tell it was bothering Pablo. It reached its breaking point in this symbolic scene, my favourite in the series, where Pablo helps his father with a butchered pig.

Pablo: It’s funny that my own fucking father doesn’t know who I am.

Pablo’s Father: I know exactly who you are.

Pablo: Do you know that I’m one of the richest men in the world? Do you know that the president of the US knows my name? Do you know that I was elected in the House of Representatives of this country? I’m the reason that your last name is known all over the world.

Pablo’s Father: So what!

Pablo: So what! And what about you? You’re just an ignorant old man living in a shithole farm. Now, I want you to tell me what you really think of me.

Pablo’s Father: Hmph, who cares?

Pablo: I do. It’s very important to me.

Pablo’s Father: You asked me if your family can live here? But that’s not possible Pablo. You chose your life. You asked me what I think of you? I’m ashamed. I think you’re a murderer.

It must be tough for a father to see his son become a monster. And it must be tough for a son to hear the truth. A son looking for his dads approval. And a father that’s ashamed of his sons actions.

What a tragedy.

October 16, 2022

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