Pandemic Diaries: Studying During COVID-19

It’s 2020 and we are in the midst of a situation we’ve never seen before. COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees. International travel has halted, all major sporting leagues worldwide are suspended, and whole economies have are at a standstill.

Education is another sector hit hard by the pandemic. Schools have been forced to shut down and are attempting to adapt to online education. Back in March, the school I currently attend, the University of Waterloo, announced that classes will be delivered online for the Summer.

I believe this will be the turning point for higher education. A catalyst for long overdue changes in the system. And as a student returning to school for this semester, I want to document it.

For the next four months, I’ll keep a weekly journal of my experiences and thoughts of an online education.

I’m hoping that this diary can be part of history, history of a pivotal time both for society and higher education.

May 21, 2020 · Pandemic Diaries: Studying During COVID-19

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