Playing Golf

Earlier this week, I played golf for the first time at a work event at a golf simulator near Union Square. The simulator had artificial grass, golf bags with clubs of all sizes, a bucket of golf balls, and a thick projector screen that displayed the course and the power and direction of my swing.

Most of my coworkers knew how to play, I was the least experienced, and it showed. My drives usually went either out of bounds or too low. I saw this as an opportunity to practice my beginner’s mind and embrace my lack of skill. I asked them for advice on my golf swing, I asked about when to use each golf club, and I asked them about the lingo and golf terminology too.

Golf appears effortless when professionals play, but as soon as I started playing, I quickly came to appreciate how challenging the sport can be. Though I came dead last in the competition, I still learned a lot and gained a newfound respect for the game.

October 27, 2023

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