Projects, Not Jobs

When I attended university, the typical questions asked were, Where have you worked?” and Where do you want to work?” Most of us, including me, perceived our careers as a sequence of jobs and companies.

I often revisit my favorite Seth Godin blog post, 35+ Years of Projects’, where he describes his career as a series of projects rather than jobs. This philosophy has resonated with me. There’s a vast difference between taking on someone else’s project and working on something of your own. When you own a project, it’s yours, and you might as well make something you’re proud of.

For now, I’m currently employed at a company to develop my craft and build a financial base. In my spare time, I’m focusing on my writing and creating a writing community. Eventually, I plan to pursue my own projects full-time. And that time’s coming up soon.

June 25, 2023

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