Quest for the O1 Visa

Any non-US citizen understands that the US immigration system is a nightmare. I hold a TN visa, a special employment-based visa for Canadians. While it’s relatively easy to obtain, it’s tied to your employer, restricts earning additional income outside of your job, and it’s not a path to citizenship.

My goal this year is to transition from my current visa to the O1 Visa, which is known as the extraordinary persons visa. It offers more flexibility in earning income from various sources. Contrary to a common misconception, achieving the O1 Visa doesn’t require reaching a Cristiano Ronaldo level; meeting specific criteria from a checklist is all you need. The first step is understanding the O1 Visa checklist and then I can build my case over the next year or two.

Here are a few relevant resources shared by a few friends:

April 14, 2024

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