Satisfied, but Hungry

Previously, I’ve written about how the most interesting people I’ve met are walking juxtapositions.

One such juxtaposition is to be satisfied, but hungry.

To be satisfied, but hungry is to be at peak performance. Someone who is satisfied is not focused on an outcome, for they’re already content with what they have. They understand that no external outcome will lead to fulfillment or happiness.

Yet, they are hungry. Their motivation comes from a different place. It doesn’t come from a yearning for power, fame, or money. It doesn’t come from insecurity or ego either. But a place of curiosity, expression, and wanting to push themselves.

It is said that we are at our most dangerous when we have nothing to lose. But maybe we don’t need to be at rock bottom to enter this state. We can feel this it at any time. It’s a mental choice. Aim to be satisfied, but hungry.

But like most of my essays, this is easier said then done.

May 30, 2021

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