Shedding Cynicism

Back in high school, a few of my high school friends started a YouTube channel where they would post comedy skits. I remember telling them that they would fail. Why did I say that? What was my point? In retrospect, the thought of them succeeding made me feel uncomfortable. Putting them down made me feel better about myself.

Criticizing is easy, creating is hard. Creating art and putting a piece of yourself out there for the world to judge takes courage. Those who are cynical don’t understand.

Shedding this cynicism is one of the first lessons in the creative journey. If you’re constantly critcizing other people’s ideas you’ll be even harsher on your own ideas. This will create more creative resistance leading to internal strife. This internal struggle is one of the most difficult for those on the creative path. Once you understand this struggle, cynicism turns into respect, admiration, and support for your fellow creator.

January 21, 2023

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