South America Day 29-31: Paracas and Huacachina

Early Saturday morning, I left Lima on a bus ride to Paracas. One of the main things to do in Paracas is visit the National Reserve. The reserve is meant to protect desert and marine ecosystems.

The Pacific Ocean view from Paracas National ReserveThe Pacific Ocean view from Paracas National Reserve

There I did a short trek in the desert with some spectacular views.

The desert coastThe desert coast

Paracas National Reserve is one of the more unique places that I’ve visited. I’ve never seen a desert adjacent with an ocean before.

The sun beginning to setThe sun beginning to set

One of the most famous views in the ReserveOne of the most famous views in the Reserve

Next, I took a bus to Huacachina, the desert oasis.

Credits to WikipediaCredits to Wikipedia

There, I hopped on a dune buggy and went sandboarding.

Dune Buggies in HuacachinaDune Buggies in Huacachina

The sand dunes were stunning. The dune buggy ride was also super fun. Our driver drove off huge sand dunes like a stunt driver.

Sand dunes everywhereSand dunes everywhere

Finally, we got to catch the desert sunset

Huacachina SunsetHuacachina Sunset

May 31, 2022 · South America 2022

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