Success Takes Multiple Generations

My grandparents worked hard to own land and gain prestigious jobs in the Philippines. They put my parents and all my aunts and uncles in university. We were high class, if not upper middle class in the Philippines. This set the foundation for my parents to move abroad to Canada. My parents provided me with a home and support, and Canada gave me the opportunity to chase my dreams.

Much of what I achieved and will achieve is built on the backs of generations of work. My ancestors have laid the foundation for me to climb the ladder.

Can an individual start from the bottom and rise from poverty to become materially successful in one lifetime? Perhaps it’s possible but the likelihood is slim. For many in the world, especially those who live in poverty, success in their lifetime isn’t possible in their lifetime. The best they can do is grind it out and establish a solid foundation for the next generation.

For those who have the resources, the time, and the opportunity to chase their dreams, we’ve got our ancestors to thank.

October 9, 2023

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