Surprise Leads to Delightful Experiences

On Monday, I missed my 7am flight from NYC to Phoenix for a work conference. I was placed on standby for the 6pm flight and with a storm causing flight cancellations, I wasn’t sure I’d make it on board. Luckily, I got on, and although the flight was delayed by two hours, I eventually landed in Phoenix after a seven-hour journey.

I arrived at midnight, I was exhausted after checking into my hotel. The check-in attendant was friendly and offered me water and a cookie - the cookie was soft, freshly baked, and quickly melted in my mouth. His small gesture was memorable and my coworkers raved about the cookies throughout the conference.

I’ve visited many hotels, none of which had ever offered me a cookie. The unexpected treat made my experience more enjoyable. It reminded me of features like Figma’s high-five and Slack’s Huddle waiting music when you’re only one in the huddle. Surprising your users leads to memorable, delightful experiences.

June 28, 2023

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