Taking Photos

This past weekend, I was going through old photo albums with my family friends. Though it was our family friend’s photo albums, not ours, we were in many of the photos: Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, cottage trips, Halloween. Some of my earliest memories include them. It reminded me of how intertwined our lives are. We don’t have family in Canada but they are our family.

I remember during every get together with our family friends, we’d always take pictures. Growing up, I hated taking and being in pictures. Going through these old photo albums reminded me of the joy of photos. Each photo evoked joyous memories of a previous time that seemed so long ago. These memories would be lost if we didn’t take photos then.

As I’m in my final year of school, I’m reflecting on my undergrad and one thing I wished I did earlier was take more photos. I’m glad I realize this now. So that down the road, I have photos that I can look back on that capture a particular moment in time.

Here’s to taking more photos.

February 24, 2022

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