The 100 Hour Asset

In Seth Godin’s daily blog, he speaks about the 100 hour asset.

If you invest 100 hours in a rare skill, you’re likely to acquire it. If you could learn to sharpen a tool better than your peers, organize a high-performance database, see the nuances in some sector of cryptography, know how to build a pretty-good WordPress site or really understand the arc of a particular writer’s career, you’d have something of value. Something that anyone who was focused enough to invest 100 hours could have, but few will choose to commit to.

String together a few of those, or dig deep and develop a 1,000 hour asset and now you truly have something.

When I first seriously got into writing I improved tremendously in the first month spending roughly 100 hours either writing or learning about writing. My writing goal is not to make it a 100 hour asset, nor a 1000 hour asset, but a 10000 hour asset, as Malcolm Gladwell would put it.

But I’d like to collect 100 hour assets along the way.

What 100 hour assets do you want to acquire?

July 14, 2020

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