The Apple Experience

Today, I’m writing my first blog post on my brand new M1 Macbook Air. I used to primarily use Android and Windows products until I first experienced the magic of Apple products through the first generation Airpods. The Airpods blew me away and then I bought an Ipad Air and Pencil less than a year later. The Ipad was a gamechanger for me especially as a student. Next came the Iphone which I loved. Every Apple product left an impression on me and today I complete the transition into the Apple Ecosystem with this new Macbook.

Something that stood out to me about Apple products was the end-to-end experience. Apple understands that a products experience goes beyond just the user experience of the product itself. For example, I don’t recall any other product that I enjoy unboxing more than Apple products. First, they’re easy to open. You don’t struggle to open them or need scissors. Second, the packaging is simple. As soon as I remove the lid of the box, I see my laptop, and when I take the laptop out of the box, I see the charging brick and cable, that’s it. Finally, I can use the product out of the box. When I was a kid, I’d buy a new phone or an MP3 player, and I’d be excited to use my new device. But I couldn’t use it right away because the device wasn’t charged. I had to charge the device first and agonizingly wait in order to use it. Apple understand that you want to use your device out of the box, thus all Apple products come charged and ready to use.

It’s clear that there was so much attention to detail put into this product. I can go on and on about the signature Macintosh startup chime that plays when I first opened the laptop, the ability to copy and paste across devices, or the iMessage and Facetime integration. Apple nails the main components and adds in these little things which compound into a fabulous experience for the user. Before, I didn’t understand why Apple had a cult following, but now that experienced the Apple ecosystem for myself, I can see why.

October 2, 2021

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