The Authenticity of a Daily Blog

Authenticity is rare. Especially in the social media era were our lives our curated highlight reels.

But there’s an honesty when it comes to daily blogging.

I’m not trying to game an algorithm.

I’m not trying to optimze for social validation.

I’m just here to express myself and write about whatever’s top of mind.

These are my raw thoughts. Maybe they lack a layer of polish, maybe there’s a grammatical error, maybe there’s a typo or two. I try my best on each post but mistakes happen when you write daily. And that’s part of the authenticity of daily blogging.

A few of my internet friends, Paarth and Laurie, also write daily or close to it. It’s paradoxical that I don’t know them too well but at the same time I feel like I do because I keep up with their work. Personally, reading someone else’s daily blog feels intimate, almost like catching up with a friend over a morning coffee.

February 28, 2021

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