The Best Meal Of My Life

The menu for the eveningThe menu for the evening

If I eat 3 meals a day, that totals to nearly 30,000 meals in my lifetime. Last Friday, I had the best meal of my life. It was a Michelin star restaurant in Athens called CTC Urban Gastronomy. My sister booked it as the final meal of our Europe trip to celebrate my mom’s birthday. They served an 11 course meal showcasing the best of Greek cuisine using traditional ingredients and experimental techniques.

Of the 11 courses, there were no weaknesses. Every dish was just as tasty as it was beautiful.

Sea bass ceviche, my favourite dish of the eveningSea bass ceviche, my favourite dish of the evening

The most memorable dish for me was the sea bass ceviche. It was savory from the Sea Bass, sweet from the kiwi, and topped with ice shavings giving every bite a refreshingly cool edge. After you finished the ceviche, they served a seaweed sponge on the side that you dropped in the bowl to soak the remaining ceviche’s juices, which you can also eat.

One underrated detail that many restaurants overlook is the dishwater and utensils. All 11 courses had its own dishware and utensils to match. The dishes seemed custom made and consisted of various materials including marble, porcelain, and ceramics. The utensils had some weight to it and also had interesting forms that were also functional.

Calamari Pesto, the noodles are made of octopusCalamari Pesto, the noodles are made of octopus

At the highest level of any craft, the difference is in the details. The service provided from the waiting staff was exceptional. For example, after the first course, they noticed that my friend was left handed. Instead of placing the subsequent utensils on the right, they adjusted and placed it on her left.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, I appreciate good food, but I also appreciate craft and artistry. How far can one take food? How great can a dining experience be? What made this experience special is that it raised the bar of what’s possible for me. For me, that’s the sign of greatness, for people to experience your art and begin to question what is possible.

June 9, 2024

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