The Black Cultural Narrative

The 16th century marked the beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade. When the American colonialists first brought African slaves to the new world they needed to morally justify enslaving another human.

This goes against their christian teachings that preached a universal religion of equality. And then later Jefferson’s all men are created equal”.

They justified their actions by claiming that Africans were biologically inferior. They weren’t human, they were animals. They were meant to be enslaved.

They went to great lengths to justify this theory which created a racial basis for slavery. This brainwashing lasted for nearly three centuries. And this racist idealogy persists today.

This cultural narrative has oppressed black Americans for generations. Just last week we saw George Floyd murdered by a white police officer. Yet, for true change to happen we need to change the cultural narrative. And we got a lot of work to do.

June 1, 2020 · Diversity

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