The Polymath Advantage

These notes were taken as apart of Salman Ansari’s The Polymath Advantage Workshop

Specialization in Society

The Polymath Approach

Modern Day Polymaths

Am I polymath? Forget the labels. Embrace the principles.

The Polymath Advantage

  1. Differentiation. At a certain point, it’s difficult to get really good at something without deliberate practice and hours of effort. But when you start to learn other skills, the intersection of those skills make you more competent holistically.
  2. Inner Purpose and Ikigai
  3. Freedom of Identity. Your identity is diversified, rather than focused on one thing. Diversification of identity leads to resilience. However, the question, what do you do?” becomes hard to answer.
  4. It’s fun. The polymath path allows you to chase your curiosities.

Tips for Staying Sane

May 5, 2021

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