Things I’ve Enjoyed Recently (1/28/2024)

Clothing brand I like

Credits to A Continuous LeanCredits to A Continuous Lean

Blue Blue Japan. Most manufacturers use synthetic indigo dye for the indigo color. However, BBJ uses natural blue indigo dyes that are environmentally friendly and result in a unique, beautifully fading look. They apply these dyeing techniques to create premium pieces that go beyond just denim.

Show I enjoyed

Credits to Anthony Neste via Getty ImagesCredits to Anthony Neste via Getty Images

The Sopranos. I recently finished watching the Sopranos, which I started in the early Summer. The show absolutely lives up to the hype and has aged well. It’s truly one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, and I highly recommend it for your next viewing choice.

Album I’m listening to

“Johnny” album cover“Johnny” album cover

Johnny by John Roseboro. Johnny was the album of the year for the famous Instagram Jazz curator Somewhere Soul. I played it before the writing club and three people Shazamed it.

Twitter account I’m reading

Credits to Derek Guy for the memeCredits to Derek Guy for the meme

@dieworkwear by Derek Guy is a menswear writer. He provides fashion commentary as well as informative threads on menswear topics. A few threads of his I enjoyed are his thread on knitwear recommendations, what can be altered, and on slim vs oversized fits.

January 28, 2024

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