Things I’ve Enjoyed Recently (8/25/2023)

Product I’m Using

YouTube Premium. On the recommendation of my friend Ethan, I tried out YouTube Premium and I’ve been enjoying it so far. The killer feature is the ability to download a video and listen to it offline similar to a podcast. Now, I can listen to those long form video essays or video interviews on the subway, on a walk, or at the gym.

Video I’m Enjoying

How I Became Photogenic by David Suh. I was never photogenic growing up. I’m still not very photogenic now. So it was inspiring to see David’s story from being camera shy to a portrait photographer teaching people confidence in front of the camera. This video taught me that being photogenic is a skill and it’s one that I want to learn soon.

Another Video I’m Enjoying

The Fashion Iceberg by Frugal Fashion. This video is a clever shitpost. If anyone has seen the Iceberg meme, this video talks about the mainstream trends and brands in fashion and the more niche trends and labels that only those who are deep in the culture would know.

Essay I’m Reading

A History of New York’s Fashion District. Why is New York one of the fashion capitals of the world? It’s because of the Garment district, at one point, the largest textile manufacturer in the world. This mini-essay is a history of an industry that shaped New York.

YouTube Channel I’m Watching

Fashion Roadman. I wish I found his channel earlier on in my journey. Ayo is a journalist with long form video essays on the history, trends, and analysis of the fashion industry. A few of my favorites are:
- The Truth About Working in Fashion
- What is Fashion Week?
- How to Learn About Fashion History and Designers

August 25, 2023

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