Unique Tastes

I’ll often get comments from friends on my unique tastes especially when it comes to media: music, books, movies, etc. Most people wouldn’t recognize most artists on my Spotify wrapped. I also try reading books or movies that aren’t mainstream.

Much of this is by design. As a writer, I’m constantly in search of novel ideas and to find novel ideas, diverging away from the mainstream is necessary. If I listened to the same music, watched the same shows, and read the same books than everyone else, I’ll have the same thoughts as everyone else.

However the downside is that I become harder to relate to. Part of the reason why I don’t really like clubs is because I don’t know any of the songs. When friends talk about the latest show on Netflix or Drake’s recent album drop, I’m left out of the conversation.

But this is only a small price to pay as the upside of uncommon tastes are overwhelmingly positive.

January 12, 2023

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