What Do Leaders Look Like?

Ask me this question when I was young and my answer would’ve been extroverted, charismatic, outspoken, basically everything I was not.

I’ve carried that baggage with me for a long time, I wasn’t a leader I told myself.

But then when I went off to university I met many people, I met many leaders, some of whom didn’t fit my picture of what leaders look like. Some were introverted, some had a lot of empathy, others listened more than they spoke. This was when I realized that maybe I can be a leader after all.

Not long after I was put into a position to lead a student club that I proved to myself that I am a leader.
One of my biggest lesson in leadership is that leaders come in all shapes and sizes.

You want to know what a leader looks like?

Look in the mirror first.

Anyone can be a leader. You can be a leader too.

The only thing you need is the desire to lead.

August 5, 2020

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