Why I Gravitate Towards Writers

When I meet other writers, we click instantly. Part of it is the shared experience of meeting others on the same journey. But on a deeper level, I gravitate to the type of person writing attracts:

Writers are curious. It’s an outlet for the curious to explore their ideas and interests.

Writers are clear, critical thinkers. Writing forces structure and clarity of thought.

Writers are open minded. Writing requires one to tackle an idea from multiple angles and seek the truth in the process.

Non-fiction writers are masters of their craft or are on their way to mastery. Writing blog posts, textbooks, books, or essays about your subject matter further drives comprehension and understanding.

Fictional writers have deep empathy and imagination.

Writing attracts these sorts of people but writing also transforms you into a more curious, clear thinking, open-minded, and interesting person. In a way, the craft demands it.

November 23, 2022

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