Work for Boring Sounding Companies

Career tip: Work for boring-sounding companies.

The most attractive ones — think music, sports, food, etc –tend to be romanticized, and management has no incentive to invest in people. They’re easily-replaceable resources.”

Boring” gives you more options in the long run.

— Jennifer Kim (@jenistyping) September 8, 2020

This tweet from @jenistyping stood out to me. Most people in tech at my school want to work for sexy companies which mostly include consumer tech products like Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube. But Jennifer Kim argues that you should work for boring-sounding companies because they give you more options in the long run.

Currently, I work for a boring-sounding” company, really any construction tech company sounds boring. Yet, Construction is the second largest industry in the world and one of the least digitized. I see the impact that our product has on customers and it’s exciting to see.

December 7, 2021

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