Writing as a Searchlight

When I started writing, I intended to focus on three areas of interest: technology, product management, and venture capital. Although I was intrigued by these topics, I found myself drawn to other ideas.

Writing is challenging. I jokingly tell people I don’t really enjoy it. Crafting long-form essays is especially tough, but it’s worth the effort. If I’m not interested in the topic, it makes the process so much more difficult.

Writing is like a searchlight. When asked what to write about, I simply suggest starting to write. This will help you to discover what ideas you enjoy writing about and what you don’t.

I initially felt my blog had no focus, but I now realize an overarching theme exists: I love writing about craft, creativity, and culture. I often write about other topics but those themes are the main focus. It took me over a thousand posts to arrive at this realization. But without the writing, I never would have made this realization in the first place.

June 6, 2023

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