Grand Openings Are Overrated

Pilot episodes, launch parties, inaugurations, premieres, unveilings.

We love grand openings. They’re fun, they’re exciting, but they’re damn hard to pull off.

Starting is usually the hardest part. The decision to write that book, create that company, or start a bakery is no easy decision.

Now we have to worry about pulling off a killer grand opening before we even done anything?

I for one think that grand openings are overrated.

When I first thought of starting a blog, I was scared shitless. So I started it quietly, telling only a few people. Eventually, the habit stuck, and I got more comfortable. Then I started to share it with others.

I didn’t need to announce to the whole world that I was starting this new thing.

Maybe your grand opening doesn’t need to be grand, you don’t need to throw a huge party, and tell everyone of what you’re up to. Maybe the true grand opening is that you decided to take the leap of faith and pursue something you believe in.

That takes true courage.

August 25, 2020

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