A Great Group of Friends

After my birthday party last Saturday, I received texts from friends saying I’ve got a great group of friends around me. It’s one of the best compliments I could receive. I feel lucky to have made many incredible friends, many of whom are here in New York.

I remember how lonely high school was. Although I had friends, I didn’t feel a deep connection with most of them. We didn’t hang out after class and I often spent my free time alone playing video games in my room.

I realize that it’s quite common for many people to not have a supportive group of friends. I overheard a friend recently talking about her creative journey and how her friends” thought that her posting videos on Instagram were cringe”. She cut them off shortly afterward. Or I’ll hear about another friend not vibing with their significant others’ friends, which can stress the relationship.

Today, I’ve made friends who share my values, inspire me, and bring me joy. While I value my alone time for writing and creative work, it has also raised my standards for the people I allow into my life. I also find that being genuine, having a strong sense of self, and pursuing bigger things create a magnetic quality that attracts others.

April 24, 2024

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