Q1 2023 Reading List

In years past, I’ve compiled annual reading lists, but I would make little progress on it. Not because I wasn’t reading, I was reading plenty, but because my year was so unpredictable. My environment, my goals, and the roles I played were constantly changing. And because of this change, the my reading list kept changing too.

As I’m finally settling down, I won’t be moving or switching jobs anytime soon, I can afford to think more long term and create a content diet that serves me. Still, I find creating an annual reading list is not useful considering much can happen within a year. I plan my life out in quarters anyway so a quarterly reading list makes the most sense.

Usually, I’ll read at least two books at the same time. One book is practical, practical in that I can apply the learnings from the book instantly. Maybe it’s related to a problem I’m facing at work or a project I’m actively working on. The second book is for pleasure. Usually, I’ll read this book in the evening or on weekends to relax and unwind.

The genres of books I’m curating generally fall into four categories:

Here’s my reading list for the first few months of 2023:



Science Fiction

Diverse Perspectives

December 27, 2022

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