Think Like a Scientist

Undoubtedly, one of humankind’s greatest inventions is the scientific method. The scientific method is the crux behind the scientific revolution, and science is the foundation of progress.

The graphic below summarizes the scientific method:

Credits to Sciencebuddies.orgCredits to

The scientific method is essentially a framework for running experiments. No formal science education needed. In some sense, our lives are a series of experiments. So this framework can be used by anyone.

I try to run as many experiments as I can. This daily blog started off as a month long experiment, but I ended up enjoying it and finding it valuable.

I’ll run microexperiments too. For example, for the job search I tried out the briefcase technique for a few interviews.

Som experiments don’t work and that’s okay. But some experiments do work, like my daily blog experiment, and its changed my life.

Run experiments always. That’s how to think like a scientist.

June 26, 2021

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